Halifax Dockers Australian Football Club


The Halifax Dockers formed when two Halifax-based Aussie expats, Jonah Scott and Joel Porter, met in 2009 and decided to go for a kick on Haifax Commons. Three years later, the Halifax Dockers were became a grew into a full team and became a partner club of The Fremantle Dockers Football Club based in Fremantle, Western Australia.

We are one of the two clubs in the Nova Scotia Australian Football League (NSAFL). With the NSAFL we hope to grow the reach of “footy” in Atlantic Canada.


Over a decade of footy in Nova Scotia

The Halifax Dockers have grown over the years from Jonah and Joel kicking a footy in the commons in 2009, to a larger group getting together on Wanderers’ Grounds in 2014 (see photo), to our largest ever training sessions in 2022.  Our 2022 season featuring twice per week training sessions at Fort Needham with significant and consistent turnout.  Footy is alive and well in Nova Scotia!

An aussie rules football player wearing a Nova Scotia jumper gets ready to handball a red Sherrin football

Association Governance:

The Halifax Dockers 2023 Executive will be elected on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at our Annual General Meeting.  

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